Welcome to Gypsy Gadgets

GypsyGreetings from Gypsy Falls, I’m… you guessed it… Gypsy, your friendly neighborhood gadgeteer. You’ll generally find me somewhere around the island, usually in my work area 400 meters above Gypsy Gadgets. Feel free to stop by and say hi. Who knows, I may even be paying attention to my surroundings and actually say hi back. If I am not being responsive, I’m prolly lost in some script or in photoshop or I may just be looking busy but really hiding out playing a game of Quadradius

Of course, you can also visit my store and play with my many fun gadgets, you can even take some of them home with you.

If you have SecondLife, you can teleport to Gypsy Gadgets by clicking on TP link on the very bottom of this page.

If you have no idea what SecondLife is or what I this site is all about, click on the inSL logo on the very bottom of this page and discover a whole new reality where you can be anyone, do anything and create whatever your imagination can conjure up!